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Bridge Painting And Maintenance Services In The South East

South East Bridge Construction Services

Titanium UK build, maintain and survey bridges in the South East and indeed across the UK.Our open approach to providing leading project management allows us to provide our clients with the best results every time. We fully understand the varying complexities between pedestrian, rail and road bridges and how important a flexible approach is to delivering a new bridge project on time and in budget... SAFELY.  It is this diversity that makes Titanium UK a leader in new bridge construction across the South East


Bridge Maintenance Services In The South East

With a vast network of bridge maintenance and repair teams available in the South East to us at any one time Titanium UK are well placed to carry any bridge repair or maintenance projects through to completion successfully.

Our South East England bridge maintenance services include:

Bridge Painting Services

Bridge Repair Services

Bridge Shot Blasting Services

Pipe Bridge Repair And Painting


Bridge Inspection Services In The South East

In addition we provide scheduled bridge surveys across the South East for rail bridges, road bridges and pedestrian bridges. Our South East England based bridge inspectors can access every part of any bridge as per request. Our South East bridge contractors provide roped access for high awkward positions and underwater solutions for bridge abutment inspections and scour surveys. Closed chambers are also accessible through controlled use of confined space equipment and measures.


 Bridge Scaffolding Contractors In The South East

As a leading provider of bridge scaffolding services in the South East Titanium UK deliver competitive scaffolding solutions for any bridge maintenance or construction project. From simple bridge painting, maintenance or repair to full bridge construction projects our scaffolding operations department have it covered spanning rail, land and water. Our bridge scaffold services are available nationwide and cover all aspects of bridge scaffold assembly.



Safety is always our priority above all else. With an outstanding safety record Titanium UK is well placed to take on the most demanding of bridge projects.



With an extensive platform of resources available at any time, Titanium UK can deliver World class bridge construction services to clients on demand. Reliability through extensive resources is a key factor in our success.

Titanium UK's London bridge maintenance services are available across the following London regions:

North London

South London

East London

West London



Please feel free to contact our London bridge contractors today with questions.

Thank you


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Values And Principles Of A Leading Underwater Services Company


Our clients voice will be made heard throughout our company.We will focus all of our energy towards satisfying the needs of our customers in an efficient and effective manner.


Skilled Staff

Our highly skilled and experienced staff are our most valued asset. It is the work of our trained employees that is the hub of our business. We will involve staff on all levels in the continuous improvement of our quality services.


Health And Safety

The Health and Safety Policy of UK Diving Services is to undertake everything reasonably practicable to prevent injury and ill health to all employees and others affected by our operations.



We recognize that we all share this Earth and thus UK Diving Services is committed to using environmentally safe (green) products, recycling and energy conserving equipment whenever possible. UK Diving Services is fully committed to researching new procedures, chemicals and products that will add weight and move our environmental mission forward.


Equipment, Methods & Supplies

We will use the best available engineering, construction, cleaning and finishing supplies, equipment and methods. New products and ideas will be incorporated on a continuous basis to help maximize the value of the services to our clients.



 We promise to do what we say.

We promise stand by all of our work.

We promise not  to compromise our commitment to:

The environment

The ethical conduct of our business

The policies and rules our clients have in place at any work site.

UK Law

UK Diving Services Ltd







UKDS Credited With Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation Award

UK Diving Services have been credited with the CIHT safety award 2019 for implementation of safety systems and procedures during inspection diving operations on the Menai Strait Suspension Bridge. Congratulations Team!


Underwater Inspection Of Bridge Structures In Scotland

Our specialist diving services has recently provided numerous underwater surveys on several bridge structures within Scotland. The surveys included scour investigation and structural damage inspection of masonry stone and concrete bridge structures and culverts. Various structures exhibited undermining of the pier and abutment walls and recommendations for urgent repair remedial works including grouting and grout bags as well as rock armour rip rap placement.

Our Underwater Surveyors Survey A Nine Arch Masonry Bridge Structure With 3D Sonar

Our dive service supported by 3D sonar as pictured below is an advanced sonar imagery system allowing engineers to use an accurate working model in CAD as a point cloud .xyz file. The acoustic sonar produces high resolution images where underwater voids, undermining, scour and structural section loss can be identified in zero visibility water conditions

Scour Protection As Part Of Bridge Repair Programme

Our dive service recently provided a full principle inspection of a seven span masonry stone arch bridge. The report concluded scour present and immediate remedial works were undertaken by placing of scour pack grout filled bags and raising the river bed with granite rock armour scour protection.



Northamptonshire Council Engage Our Diving Services For Principle Bridge Inspections

Our inspection diving teams have been engaged by Northamptonshire council for the purpose of surveying several multi-arch stone bridge structures. The scope of works includes both GI and PI inspections including the placing of scour protection and pointing as part of the specified remedial works.

Diving Surveyors Provide Dive Surveys On Bridge And Marine Structures Nationwide

Our dive teams have recently undertaken numerous underwater video and sonar surveys on structures across the UK on behalf of Transport Scotland and the MOD. The structures varied from Bridges, Jetties, docks, moorings and river walls.

UKDS Contracted To Atkins On Behalf Of Severn Trent Water

UK Diving Services have been commissioned by ATKINS to undertake numerous bridge inspections and sonar surveys on behalf of Severn Trent Water. The inspections include a variety of structures and bridges spanning small stream like waterways to large muti-span structures spanning 30 meter deep reservoirs. The works include diving and confined space access to flooded bearing chambers as part of principle inspections of both the submerged and exposed components of the bridge structures

UK Diving Services Deliver Principle Bridge Inspections For Angus Council

Once again Angus council have contracted UK Diving Services as their primary choice to undertake their culvert and bridge inspections. The surveys included multiple small stone arched bridges to box culvert structures. Full HSE dive teams were utilised to inspect the below water elements of each structure as per scope of works

Thames Safety Boat Services By UK Diving Services

UKDS are providing safety boat hire services on the tidal river Thames. Our safety boats are licensed under the PLA and offer rapid rescue support to contractors working over, on or near the water. All our crews are experienced skippers with backgrounds from the military and emergency services.

UKDS Now Provide Hovercraft Rescue Safety And Access Services

Our hovercraft are commercial spec and covered under the hovercraft code of practice. We offer hovercraft hire and rental services to companies and contractors seeking to charter safe alternatives to conventional work vessels.

Our hovercraft provide rapid support to work crews and operatives working in areas where tidal water levels drop and pose a risk due to soft mud or sudden flooding. We can also provide support on fast flowing rivers where conventional safety boats cannot operate.

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